Whale Photo Safari with Vallarta Adventures!

During my Funjet Mega Fam trip to Puerto Vallarta, we had the opportunity of going on a humpback whale watching trip with Vallarta Adventures. At first I wasn’t really into the idea – I would have rather spent some time in town – but once we were in the boat I was ready to go!

Our guide was Nicky; knowledgeable and charismatic, she really made us feel a passion for the art of whale watching and respect for the big animals.

We sped around at about 100 miles per hour (or at least it felt like it) in the small raft in Banderas Bay for about an hour before we spotted a whale. Nicky estimated that the whale was a young one whose mother had just abandoned it due to its behavior of slapping the water’s surface with its fins and tale and appearing to be very stressed. Another reason she guessed that it was a baby was because it seemed to be covered in some kind of skin disease, which whales only get after they stop drinking their mother’s milk. The more you know!

In total we saw two babies with the second one appearing much more excited and was jumping out of the water a lot. It even came within 50 feet of our boat at one point! Nicky thought it was jumping so much because it just got a good feeding. You can see its excitement in this video clip and hear Nicky explaining some more about the whales.

The best part of the ride was using the hydrophone to listen to the whales singing below us. A sort of underwater microphone, it amplified the sound to be so loud that it was like the whale was right next to us. And it might have been – we could hear it pretty well even without the hydrophone! Check out the audio in this video.

I just want to emphasize how amazing Nicky was – I highly recommend checking out Vallarta Adventures during your time in Puerto Vallarta or anywhere in that area. You can organize it beforehand or by finding a rep at your hotel.

Sorry for the million photos of the same thing – I just can’t decide which to delete so I’m keeping them all! Even with a basic point and shoot I think the pictures are pretty awesome 🙂

Nicky doing her thing!
The first baby whale slapping its fin on the water to get its mother’s attention.









The second baby whale who must have just had a good feeding – it can’t stop jumping!



Holy cats that’s close!


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