Xoximilco Dinner Cruise in Cancun

When I was in Cancun, Mexico last October I had the opportunity to enjoy a dinner booze cruise at the Xoximilco park. What a fun experience! Close to downtown, Xoximilco provides an authentic Mexico experience of food and music from different areas of the country. Our guide, Miguel Ángel, and our driver, Jorge, also provided some silly entertainment of their own! Clearly they like to have fun on the job!

IMG_1992Coming up to one of the food boats, getting ready to pass over our plates!

Passengers board the boats, called trajineras, with about twelve other people and ride the canals with the host and driver, meeting other boats from representing different Mexican cities and celebrating the food and music of those areas. We met mariachis playing fabulous music and tasted several original Mexican dishes, such as huitlacoche dip (corn smut), Vallarta ceviche, delicious shrimp with tamarind sauce, chicken with mole sauce, and so much more.

IMG_2037Anybody up for some fried grasshoppers?

IMG_1993Shrimp, fried rice, chicken, pork… delicious and authentic Mexican food. What a treat!

Everything was great and was served throughout three courses that we got from various stationed trajineras. Our guide went over each portion and from where in Mexico each dish came and its history – so neat! Of course my favorite was the dessert  course and we got nine different bites – the star being the flan in my opinion as it’s got such a lovely, creamy flavor. I still remember the Mexican coffee served after; I can’t remember the name, but it had a background spicy cinnamon added to it… I had three little cups! I normally stick to my black tea, but I could have drank that entire cup of coffee. So delicious, and it didn’t even have any milk!

IMG_1997Great desserts and perfect little bites! We even got homemade cups to drink our coffee from!

If you’re staying in the Riviera Maya and close to Cancun, grab your traveling partner(s) and head to Xoximilco for a fun experience and great food! You can even rent out an entire boat for parties, and they’re both kid-friendly and have also created a vegetarian menu.

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