The World’s Top Cruise Destinations For 2018

I’ve never cruised before (and have a bit of a fear of being out on a big open ocean to  be honest!), but I love learning about all the different cruise itineraries an destinations! Maybe a Mediterranean cruise someday 🙂 Check out this post from Diana Smith, a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a travel lover. Follow her on Twitter at @DianaSmith82!

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A Millennial’s Guide To Exploring Pho-bulous Vietnam

My love for the far east continues with the help of some of my amazing guest bloggers, including Leila Dorari, a freelance writer from Sydney who is passionate about self-growth through travel, cheap deals and living better lives by exploring as much of what Earth has to offer as possible. Read on to find out one of my top bucket-list spots – Vietnam!

Since the ‘90s, Vietnam became one of the hottest tourist spots, and nowadays it has more than 3 million tourists since 2009. Its beautiful and enchanting nature together with cultural diversity makes it one of the most sought out exotic destination among the travellers, especially millennials and backpackers. It has everything, from the urban, city excitements to the rural sceneries with mountains and greenery, meaning that it’s suitable for any type of young tourist no matter if you’re looking for outdoor activities or taste of the exotic cuisine. Read more

72 Hours in Boston

My sister just started graduate school and moved a couple states away from our family, so to celebrate her big move and as one last sister-trip, we decided to go to Boston over the July 4th weekend! She had been briefly before and I had always wanted to visit, so this was the perfect opportunity! We found inexpensive, roundtrip nonstop flights directly into Boston Logan airport and got there Friday night to start the weekend early.

We were departing the following Tuesday morning, which meant we had a solid 72+ hours to enjoy the city to its fullest. How can two broke sisters avoid going bankrupt in Boston?

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Road Trips in Australia

Okay, I love Australia and am very lucky to have a lot of family there. A few years ago we finally visited them and had the time of our lives! We even got a treat with a road trip on the Great Ocean Road, which is the road trip you’re supposed to do in Australia. I had no idea there were so many more! Read on to learn about Australia’s great road trips thanks to my friend and frequent guest blogger, Diana – follow her on Twitter at @DianaSmith82!

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Taking Care of Your Skin While on the Road

Skincare is something that is of personal importance to me. As someone who has suffered with keratosis pilaris her entire life, I always make sure to have proper moisturizer wherever I go. Thanks to Ian Pearson, a tech and photography enthusiast with a passion for writing and blogging, for this important post and reminder to never let skincare falter even when traveling! Follow him on Twitter at @1anPears.

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