Visiting Maryland? Check out these boutique hotel options for your trip!


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From Ocean City to Annapolis, Maryland has a lot going on. In addition to the state’s many historic sites, visitors can also enjoy Maryland’s beaches. Whether you visit for the sea or the histoy, Maryland has something for everyone.

When you’re traveling to Maryland for a history-themed trip, go in the autumn when the weather is cool. If you’re heading there for a beach getaway, plan for the summer instead. Set your sights on the following destinations in Ocean City and Annapolis.

Ocean City accommodation with something for everyone

Set right in Ocean City, Tidelands Caribbean Hotel and Suites has a lot to offer guests in terms of amenities and location. Each room comes with a microwave and a refrigerator, and some rooms include kitchenettes and Jacuzzis. The hotel also has two swimming pools, a pool bar, free Wi-Fi, and beach views. Nightly rates run between $129 and $159, as well as a small daily resort fee of $8.75. The hotel is also easy walking distance to Ocean City Boardwalk, which has plenty of shopping, restaurants, amusement parks, and even a Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum.

Cheap beach access in Ocean City

Sea Bay Hotel offers easy beach access in Ocean City and is relatively cheap at just around $80 per night. The Ocean City Boardwalk and the Jolly Roger Amusement Park are close to here, too. The hotel has two outdoor pools, and guests can relax in the lounge chairs that surround them. The hotel is quite basic, providing microwaves and refrigerators, and is a clean home base for your trip in Ocean City. Free street parking is provided nearby. Those looking to spend more time outside their Ocean City hotel should check out the Sea Bay Hotel first.

Luxury in Annapoils

With a name like Loews Annapolis Hotel, guests know they’re in good hands. The brand lives up to its name and provides guests with modern décor, crisp white linens, and comfortable rooms. Situated in downtown Annapolis with access to nightlife, shopping, and restaurants, nightly rates at the hotel can climb up to $300, so book early. The hotel also offers complimentary Wi-Fi, its own restaurant and taproom, valet parking, a business center, and a lending library. Nearby is Chesapeake Bay and the Naval Academy. The hotel’s restaurant, BAROAK, is known for its fantastic seafood, so this is a great option for pescatarians.

A bit of Ireland in Maryland’s capitol

The O’Callaghan Annapolis Hotel, a charming and older property, offers rooms set in Irish décor, so the hotel is quite different from others in the area. Rooms are furnished with imported furnishings, and guests are provided Wi-Fi, LCD HDTVs, 24-hour room service, an on-site restaurant, a fitness room, and a safe in each room. Rates starts around $140 per night for a lead-in category room, and guests have an option for upgrade to a balcony room or even a spacious suite. Nearby is the Banneker-Douglas Museum, the United States Naval Academy, and St John’s College. Artists and clay thowers will enjoy checking out the Annapolis Pottery.

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Best Wildlife Tourist Destinations for this Summer


Hi everyone! Today I’ve got a guest post from Diana Smith, a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a great animal lover. In her free time she enjoys exploring new exciting destinations with here family. Follow her on Twitter at @DianaSmith82!

Wild animals are majestic creatures. Fortunately enough, people have finally started to realize that they are the most majestic when they are where they belong –In the wilderness. The good news is that wilderness is really not a bad place to be on its own merits. Exotic jungles, beautiful African savannas… What’s not to like? So, instead of supporting the animal captivity and paying to see them caged far from their natural habitat, why wouldn’t you book a vacation in some of these exotic locations where you’ll have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the wildlife?

Galapagos Islands

It is very hard to talk about wildlife and not to imagine Galapagos Islands at least once during the conversation. Why? Well, Galapagos Islands are officially one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. As a matter of fact, Charles Darwin began to form his theory of evolution only after visiting this destination. And truly, being surrounded with such a beautiful nature and rare animals (e.g. Galapagos tortoise) really makes you feel humble and realize you are just a small piece of a much bigger puzzle.


India is a country that is so diverse, so colorful and so vivid that we often forget that it is also a home to a number of stunning animal species. Fortunately, we had this year’s massive box office hit The Jungle Book to remind us that wildlife makes an integral part of this beautiful picture. Antelope, Sambar deer, crocodiles, Langur monkeys and, of course, beautiful Bengal tiger, make India a must-visit place for all the animal lovers out there.

Rwanda and Uganda

One of the things that connects these two countries with often tragic history is one animal species with equality tragic fate. Yes, we are talking about the mountain gorillas. Reduced to a number of no more than 700, all of the remaining mountain gorillas are living in the border area between Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. The sight of these noble animals that are so powerful, and so imposing, and yet so feeble will make one of your most profound life experiences.


Situated between Indian and the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia is a country that embodies these two distinct regions, both culturally, and in regards to its wild life. So, while you are checking the Bali beach, and the great temple of Borobudur, take some time to visit the orangutans of Borneo, the tigers of Sumatra, and the Sacred Monkey Forest. We will give a special mention to Komodo National Park where you can see Komodo dragons in all of their glory.

South Africa

There can’t be said enough good things about the Africa. Even if there were no animals in the entire continent, you could simply take out your time lapse camera, make a video of the African sunrise, and have a memory worth a lifetime. But there are animals. And non-other than Africa’s big five – Lion, elephant, black rhino, leopard and buffalo. If safari looks too stale for your adventurous spirit, you can always try out cage diving with Great White in Gansbaai. And now, for something completely different…


If you just cannot stand beaches, mosquitos, summer heat and buzz, why wouldn’t you do something completely out of the box and book a trip to Antarctica? Antarctica’s nature may be harsh and unforgiving, but it is equally as impressive and serene. Besides, where else in this planet would you get a chance to observe the march of the penguins, cuddle a seal or get a decent look on a whale, all in one place? Nowhere.

These were some of the tourist destinations that feature a very interesting wildlife. Which one will you chose for this summer’s vacation is only up to you, but, in reality, you can’t go wrong either way. Every opportunity to come in touch with wild animals and reconnect with nature is a good one.

Image from Wikipedia.

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