Road Trips in Australia

Okay, I love Australia and am very lucky to have a lot of family there. A few years ago we finally visited them and had the time of our lives! We even got a treat with a road trip on the Great Ocean Road, which is the road trip you’re supposed to do in Australia. I had no idea there were so many more! Read on to learn about Australia’s great road trips thanks to my friend and frequent guest blogger, Diana – follow her on Twitter at @DianaSmith82!

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Bathurst, Australia – Things to See & Do

Hello there! You may have noticed lately that I am having a lot of guest posts lately – this is because I am not traveling very much these days, so why not share the gift of other travel bloggers in the meantime? Today I have Olivia Bourke, a travel writer who loves exploring the great hidden gems of Australia and wandering around in other countries. She writes for Great Lost and other travel related blogs to learn, inspire and inform others of the beauty of the world. Find her on Instagram at @OliBLost and check out her blog, Great Lost. Read more

Festivals You Must Visit in Australia

Hey guys! I’ve got another great guest post from Roxana, Roxana, an adventure loving traveler from Sydney who’s worked in the travel industry as an freelance alternative Sydney tour guide for almost two years. She’s also a blogger/editor at and

Did you know that there are hundreds of festivals taking place Down Under each year? Some of them are small and community-based (e.g. Apollo Bay Music Festival), while others are large (e.g. Falls Festival) and able to bring international performers and Australian stars. The types of festivals range from arts and cultural to music, film and theme-based ones. They are being held across the entire country (which is not a small deal), but the most frequent starting point, especially for foreign tourists, is Sydney, so we too will take it from there. Here are some of the most amazing festivals held in Australia you simply cannot miss. Read more

5 Things You Should Eat While in Sydney

Hey guys! I’ve got another great guest post from Roxana, Roxana, an adventure loving traveler from Sydney who’s worked in the travel industry as an freelance alternative Sydney tour guide for almost two years. She’s also a blogger/editor at and

In the recent years, the ease and comfort of travel and the drop in the prices of international transport have given rise to new, specialized kinds of tourism. One of the most popular touristic innovations seems to be the foodie tour. After all, who doesn’t love eating? New and exciting flavors from around the world have been more and more available everywhere, but there’s nothing better than trying them out in their authentic state, straight at the source. Australia’s vibrant foodie scene combines a whole range of interesting influences to create a unique Australian cuisine. Here are the delicacies you mustn’t miss when visiting Sydney. Read more

Top 4 reasons to visit the Gold Coast

Hi all! Today I’ve got a great post on Australia’s Gold Coast by Nicole Noel, a lifestyle blogger at HighStyleLife You can find her on twitter and FB.

Without a single doubt, Australian Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth. This metropolitan area south of Sydney is ideal for various kinds of activities, which is the main reason for it being one of the greatest touristic attractions on the continent. However, some would say that this is quite a bold statement that needs some backing up. With this in mind, here are 4 most important reasons why everyone should visit Gold Coast at least once in their lifetime. Read more

Most Romantic Spots in Sydney

Today I’ve got a wonderful post on the best romantic in Sydney by writer/blogger Nicole Noel! Nicole is a lifestyle blogger at HighStyleLife . She is passionate about travelling and healthy living. She loves exploring new things and sharing her ideas with others. You can find her on twitter and FB.

head shot

The amazing Sydney Harbor Bridge has been the touristic attraction ever since 1932. It has been visited by many celebrities that dared to go bridge climbing. These include Oprah, Mat Damon, Katy Perry, Emma Thompson and many more. It is also a place where many romantic dates are happening throughout the year. It is famous for being the gathering place of romantic couples. However, there are other things that you can do around Sydney for your date. Read more

Darwin: A Visit to Katherine Gorge

Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia
Today we took a day trip to Katherine Gorge, a truly gorgeous river system in the Northern Terrority about three hours south of Darwin. You might think that I’m sick of long journeys but I’m almost immune to them by now. Anyway, we did a boat tour of the gorge and enjoyed the serenity interrupted only by a few passing kayaks and wild crocodiles. There are also aboriginal paintings in some areas of the gorge, but they are a little tough to make out. We unfortunately missed our tour departure time by literally one minute (we had to use the bathroom, sorry!). Luckily we got a later tour but that meant missing out on the Cutta Cutta Caves nearby. Win some, lose some.
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