A Tour around Beautiful Ireland

I recently returned from a fantastic trip to Ireland! If you haven’t been, what are you waiting for? What a gorgeous country, with fields of every shade of green imaginable. For ten full days we circled the outskirts of the island, seeing cities like Belfast, Kinsale, and of course Dublin, and the beautiful sights along the Wild Atlantic Way. Read more

Dublin, finally!

Before heading back to America I was fortunate to have a night layover in Dublin. Unfortunately the flight was pushed back a couple hours, which meant I didn’t even land in Dublin until 6PM. And of course it was confusing to find the right bus to take me to my hotel (which was awesome because after a year of hostels it was great to have my own room and bathroom!), which took an hour, and then getting into the Dublin city center took another hour on a bus so I got into the actual city probably around 8:30PM, giving me way less time than I originally planned.

Thankfully there was enough sun to feel safe and it seemed like a clean, friendly city. All of the young teenage girls were dressed like hookers and the boys like weird guidos, so that was all a little disturbing. 
I found a really cool pub with traditional live Irish music and was the only person to eat an actual meal while everyone else was drinking beer by the pint. It was so loud, crowded and confusing that the kitchen took an hour to get me my Irish breakfast (although I had it for dinner) and the waitress brought me a free drink. I had to eat it on the corner of a little bar table but as I was alone it was fine and nobody paid me any attention. It was so fun listening to the music and seeing all the green decorations, and I was enjoying the variety of meats that literally covered my entire plate.
After dinner (which took about 2 hours since they forgot my order) I was a little annoyed that I had even less time to look around but there was still a little bit of sunlight left to enjoy the evening. I just walked around a little more before night fell and I went back to my hotel to sleep in order to wake up fresh for my 8-hour long flight to Chicago in the morning. Wish I had gotten more time in Dublin, though! I’ll just have to make a special trip 🙂

The beautiful river

Outside of the restaurant I ate in

Live music!

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