2016 Christmas List For The Travel Gal In Your Life

Welcome one and all to this year’s edition of What To Get Your Favorite Traveler for Christmas. Those who don’t travel often have a hard time knowing what to get a girl who travels all the time. All year long I look around for great new products and gifts that I can add to this list, and here are this year’s items!

CityScape Art by Grey Studios

Image from Etsy.com

I was at Summerfest in July and came across Josh Seubert’s CityScape Art booth, full of awesome city maps and skylines, all put together in the outline of the city or state itself. Of course I bought a Milwaukee one right away. It’s pretty kick-ass. Check out his Etsy store and order some awesome prints for the girl who loves Milwaukee, Boston, New York and so much more!


Image from Amazon.com

As someone who has stayed in a couple creepy hostels before, I wish I had something like this. Easy to carry around and install, Addalock is the perfect gift you can give a traveling gal so you both can sleep a little better at night when she’s staying somewhere questionable.

Eagle Creek Universal Traveler Backpack RFID

This backpack has it all, but my favorite feature is the luggage handle strap at the back. Besides that, it has separate laptop and iPad pockets, and is perfect for a quick weekend. Buy it here.

Brando’s Foldable Chair Backpack

Image from Lifestyle.Brando.com

I do it when I have to, but I hate sitting on the airport floor while waiting for a flight. With Brando’s Foldable Chair Backpack it’ll solve that problem since it has a built-in chair right in the back!

Homesick Candles

“Fill your house with home, wherever you are.”

How I would have loved to have the Wisconsin candle while I was away in Spain! Why didn’t I think of this idea? This is a no-brainer for your travel-loving gal who’s planning to be away for some time. (Header image from HomesickCandles.com.)

Knock Knock Pack This pad

Image from Amazon.com

I don’t know what I would do without my packing list pad! It has everything that I need and space for more, and it is customizable for each destination with its weather- and length of stay-blank spots at the top.

Wanderlust World Map

Image from Amazon.com

How cute is this map print? It’s small, so you know she can find a spot for it, and it costs less than $10.

Trtl Travel Pillow

Image from Amazon.com

Well this is certainly a new concept for a travel pillow! It’s like a stiff scarf that you wrap around your neck and it affixes with velcro. The main thing that I like about this is that it seems much less bulky than my normal memory foam pillow, which I have to shove into my backpack each time while this seems like it will lie a bit more flat.

For more, check out 2015’s and 2014’s lists! Please note that I might make a small commission on the sale of some of these items, so thank you very much if you do happen to make a purchase! 🙂

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