5 Things You Should Eat While in Sydney

Hey guys! I’ve got another great guest post from Roxana, Roxana, an adventure loving traveler from Sydney who’s worked in the travel industry as an freelance alternative Sydney tour guide for almost two years. She’s also a blogger/editor at stylebyasia.com and highstylife.com.

In the recent years, the ease and comfort of travel and the drop in the prices of international transport have given rise to new, specialized kinds of tourism. One of the most popular touristic innovations seems to be the foodie tour. After all, who doesn’t love eating? New and exciting flavors from around the world have been more and more available everywhere, but there’s nothing better than trying them out in their authentic state, straight at the source. Australia’s vibrant foodie scene combines a whole range of interesting influences to create a unique Australian cuisine. Here are the delicacies you mustn’t miss when visiting Sydney.

The Portuguese Tart at Sweet Belem

Courtesy of chef Jose Silver, these tarts have garnered plenty of attention and gained a devoted following among Sydney’s dessert lovers. A cheap yet delicious dessert, they seem simple enough. What is their secret though? The fresh, top quality ingredients, of course! Made from the classic ingredients for fine sweets – eggs and vanilla beans transformed into the perfect custard, the crispy puff pastry and fragrant cinnamon – these cheapies are a sweet treat to die for.


Fresh Seafood at Whitewater, Manly

With Sydney located right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, fish and seafood is the logical choice for a fresh and tasty meal. Fresh ingredients and careful preparation come into play to create the perfect seafood dishes at Whitewater Restaurant. Scallops, prawns, calamari, barramundi, oysters – it’s hard to pick just one. The restaurant’s carefully crafted menu offers meat as well, and plenty of vegetarian and gluten free options. If you are having a hard time picking just one dish, they also have a delectable degustation menu.


Hot Burek at the Balkan Oven Bakery Cafe

If you’ve ever visited the Southeastern corner of Europe that is the Balkans peninsula, you are sure to have come across burek. The tasty pie, perennial in all Balkan countries, is best when it’s served piping hot. The outer layers of the thin pastry are crunchy and golden, and the inner ones are soft and chewy. And just wait until you taste the glorious filling! At Balkan Oven, they serve the three traditional varieties – mince meat, cheese, or cheese and spinach, and you can’t go wrong whichever you pick. The prices are low, and the quality is high.


Snow Egg at Quay Restaurant

One of Sydney’s most iconic eats, this modern dessert is probably the most popular order at Quay Restaurant. Chef Gilmore is proud of his creation with good reason. The complicated and delicate masterpiece has been a staple at the restaurant for over a decade now, and its popularity does not seem to be waning. Each bite is a perfect balance of textures and tastes. Poached meringue, ice cream, granita – the snow egg has them all, and it tastes like a cloud straight from heaven. With its many layers, the egg is sure to be one of the strangest but also best sweets you’ve ever tried.


Vietnamese Pork Rolls at Marrickville

If there’s anything that can convince you a place serves excellent food, a line of customers in front of the shop is surely it. The sandwiches are reasonably priced, and the quality is out of this world. The fresh, crunchy rolls are filled with flavourful pork or chicken cooked to tender perfection, fresh vegetables, fragrant herbs and sauces for an authentic piece of Asia. The rolls are huge for the price, and are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. The pork banh mi is the norm, but they do offer other options as well. This hole in the wall is a bona fide Sydney institution and hugely popular with the locals.


The population of this cosmopolitan metropolis consists of people with roots all over the planet. They have all brought their unique flavors and influences with them, and added them to the mix. The result is the delicious taste of Sydney.

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