7 Reasons Why Adventure Travel is Good for You

Hi everyone! Today I’ve got a guest post from Diana Smith, a full time mom of two beautiful girls and a travel lover. In her free time she enjoys exploring new exciting destinations with her family. Follow her on Twitter at @DianaSmith82!

Every traveller knows that awesome feeling of travelling and experiencing new things, but nothing can beat the feeling of adventure. While there are several physical health benefits to adventure travel, the advantages for your mental wellness are just as impressive. Additionally, travel can enlighten you, broaden your horizons and even help save the world.

Improves your physical health

There are no cosy armchairs and colourful screens on adventure travel. An average modern human spends around 10 hours a day sitting either behind a desk or in front of the TV. This sedentary way of life brings many health risks from organ damage and muscle degeneration to weight gain, neck and back pain and loss of brainpower. Having a great adventure will get you moving, and reduce pain and make your fit.

Improves your immune system

Adventure travel will also most likely get you a bit dirty. Our modern obsession with cleanliness might be leading to a rise in allergies, asthma, and inflammatory bowel disease, so getting a bit muddy and sweaty on your travels will actually make you healthier.

Improves brain functions

Many a research indicates that walking and hiking makes your brain grow. In general, once you hit your fifties, your hippocampus gets smaller which leads to memory loss. But, middle-aged adults who went for regular walks and hikes had 2 percent bigger hippocampi on average. This means they will be able to improve their memory retention for years. So hiking adventures also keep you mentally sharp and focused.

Improves your tolerance for uncertainty

During your adventure travels, you will most likely find yourself in situations where things don’t always go as planned. This helps you learn to cope with the uncertainties of life. Another great thing about traveling is that you can forget about your life and pretend to be anyone you want to be. For instance, who would you be if you lived in Mongolia or remote parts of India? Let your imagination fly and enjoy every moment of that freedom.

Travel is educational

It’s important you stay in school, but traveling the world provides you with an education that’s absolutely impossible to get in school. Getting to know other people and their countries and cultures will teach you history, economy, geography, politics, sociology, and psychology in a unique, hands-on fashion no expensive Ivy League university can. Great news: you don’t need an application or an entrance exam to enroll into this school. Your age, gender, previous education, and social status don’t matter, everyone is welcome.

Travel gives you a sense of accomplishment

Every adventure traveler is a person with big dreams and they always reach for new challenges and accomplishments. Successfully finishing a trip will give you the satisfaction that you were able to set a goal, work towards it and reach it in the end. You will feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment that will inspire your future adventures. So, dust off your bike, grab a few essential motorcycle accessories and head towards your next destination.

Adventure travel is saving the world

Many scientists claim that in about 10 years’ time global warming will be impossible to reverse if we don’t take immediate action to stop climate change. Life as we know it might not be possible anymore. But, if we all turn off our computers and TVs and head to the great outdoors we will at least help a little.

Don’t let yourself grow old and sick and feel sorry that you didn’t see the world. So, go to your nearest globe, take a spin and travel! Explore, dream, discover and your whole life will turn into one huge adventure trip.  Bon voyage, traveler!

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