A Beautiful Fall Afternoon at Holy Hill Basilica

love autumn in Wisconsin. I’m not much of a hot weather person, so when October rolls around I can finally say goodbye to being sweaty, chub rub, and fatty fair food and say hello to warm, vanilla-bourbon candles, fuzzy sweaters and scarves. There’s nothing like seeing the leaves change colors; glowing reds, oranges, and yellows against a vividly blue sky. I love the crisp breeze filling my lungs with real air.

So a couple Sundays ago I found myself with nothing to do (okay, I could have vacuumed the apartment buy yanno). Surprisingly, here in southeastern Wisconsin we have really beautiful cathedrals. I’ve been wanting to visit Holy Hill Basilica for years – especially in the autumn as the view from the top would be beautiful.

The weather was perfect and the trees were at those wonderful colors that will only last so long. I would my car through the beautiful forest roads with the sun gleaming through the yellow leaves. It really was something spectacular. Had it not been dangerous to stop my car on the narrow road I would have gotten out to take pictures, although I don’t think a photograph on my lousy camera would have done justice.

I wish Max come have come along with me, but he was at work 🙁 Back to solo traveling, I suppose!


Not a cloud in the sky!

I love a good view from above so I made sure to take time climbing the Scenic Tower. It took forever as it was so crowded, and it wasn’t too fun smashing against other people as I made my up the narrow stairs.

Not too much fun! One step at a time.

Totally worth it, though, as the view is fantastic! I’ve been waiting to see those bright, beautiful leaves for years from the top of the basilica and finally got the opportunity. I’ll probably head back in the winter when everything’s covered in snow – but the Scenic Tower is only open through October since it gets so cold and windy up there.
DSC03339 DSC03342 DSC03346 DSC03348 DSC03350 DSC03360

I’m not much of a church-going Catholic but I can’t resist a famous cathedral, so I naturally went inside as well. Stained glass is my favorite characteristic of any church and Holy Hill’s basilica had some beautiful pieces. 
DSC03367 DSC03368 DSC03374 DSC03376 DSC03377 DSC03379 DSC03382

I’ve seen several images online of Holy Hill from afar with the beautiful trees and blue sky, but I couldn’t quite pinpoint where to go to get that shot. I just did my best from the parking lot 🙂


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