Arrival in Melbourne!

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

My mom, sister, and I finally touched down in Melbourne, Australia yesterday morning and were greeted by a horde of relatives waiting to kiss us and pinch our cheeks. We waited in the customs line for almost an hour before walking through the double doors, pouring us into Melbourne. Most people would complain having to stand in a line for an hour, but after 16 hours of sitting in a cramped position all we wanted to do was stretch!

The flight itself was great.  Qantas is probably the best airline I’ve traveled with so far. There were over 50 movie choices and even more television episodes available of all the latest shows and seasons. Definitely something for everybody! They also fed us every 90 minutes or so with a light snack and we got two meals that were very good.

Beautiful light fixtures in the O’Hare Airport

We’re staying with our cousins K. and V. (husband/wife), who live in a beautiful, magazine-esque home with gorgeous hardwood floors and more than enough room for us. Thanks to them we were able to make this trip a reality; there’s no way we would be able to afford hotel rooms and restaurant meals every day! Having relatives all over the world truly makes it possible for us to travel.

So far we have seen some interesting native birds which would probably be kept in a zoo in the US. I just wish I could have a better camera (and knew what the birds were called)!

Today we’re planning on spending some time with aunties and cousins. More to come later!

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