Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Katoomba and Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

Today we started our week in Sydney. We were very sad to leave Melbourne, especially since we’re just getting to know our cousins that we hadn’t seen in years or ever before, but very excited to see all that Sydney had to offer.
We started out the week visiting the Blue Mountains near the city of Katoomba. The scenery was amazing and it felt like we could see for miles. The trees really did seem blue in the distance and melted into the clouds. 

The “Three Sisters”

We also took a ride on the “Scenic Railway”, the world’s steepest railway on a 52 degree angle. It felt like we were just going straight down into the forest – thankfully it doesn’t last too long!

Sitting in one of the earliest models of the train

Katoomba Falls

Riding in one of the clear-floor cable cars over the tree tops!

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