I Went to a Rick Steves Lecture (and met him too!)

This weekend a dream came true – I met Rick Steves! My friends Brian and Mel got tickets to his lecture, Travel As a Political Act, at Chicago’s Josephinum Academy and I quickly snagged mine after. He’d been attending the Chicago Travel Adventure Show in Rosemont and came to do this private seminar later as his daughter teaches at the school – what a wonderful treat!

I’ve been a fan of Rick since 2012 when I first started watching him on Create TV while getting ready for class in the morning. He was fantastic! I loved how normal and humble he seemed (I mean, he wears the same shirt in every episode) and that his show had something for people of all ages. He was so thorough and interesting and made me feel so close to these foreign cities I’d never been to. Read more

I Went Skydiving! … And What to Know for Your First Jump

Sooo I kinda did something crazy recently… I WENT SKYDIVING!! It all started with trying to find something unique for my boyfriend’s birthday gift in June, and I casually asked him one day if he’d ever go skydiving (“Heck yeah I would!”) and there we were! I picked Skydive Midwest for their awesome reviews, and the fact that they were only an hour away.

Being first timers we did tandem jumping, which is when an instructor is on your back. We got there around noon, an hour before our jump was scheduled. It was a sunny afternoon and visibility was going to be amazing! I wasn’t nervous for some reason – mostly excited. We ate the sandwiches we packed as to not jump on an empty stomach later on. Read more

Whale Photo Safari with Vallarta Adventures!

During my Funjet Mega Fam trip to Puerto Vallarta, we had the opportunity of going on a humpback whale watching trip with Vallarta Adventures. At first I wasn’t really into the idea – I would have rather spent some time in town – but once we were in the boat I was ready to go! Read more

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