Christmas Gifts for the Travel-Lover in Your Life

Stuck on thoughts for the perfect gift? These are all items that I own and love or have on my wishlist. I can say with certainty that any traveler would be happy to take these items on their next trip!

Map Phone Cover

I have an iPhone 5C and for some reason it’s really hard to find a cover for it in the stores beside those stupid silicone ones with holes in them. My phone is the bright blue one and they didn’t have the plain white when I was buying it so I had to look for a different kind of cover for it. Naturally I turned to the interweb where I found hundreds of iPhone 5C covers with every design imaginable for only a few bucks. I certainly don’t care if it comes from China. This is a cheap and fabulous stocking stuffer – your traveler would probably be more entertained by the back of the phone than what’s on the screen and can use the map to plan their next trip!

Document Holder

I recently bought a document holder very similar to this and am waiting to use it on Monday for my upcoming trip to the Sandals resorts in the Caribbean (I’m a travel agent and have to review the properties… it’s not a real vacation *sigh*). The one I bought is a little crappier than this – I must have missed it or been feeling particularly cheap since it was just a few bucks shipped. This one seems a little fancier and I like that it has the strap. The best part is that it’s waterproof and it’s a cheap way to keep care of your papers and passport while keeping everything organized. And it has a pen holder!

Luggage Scale

I’m obsessed with this. After weighing myself and then my suitcase and figuring out the difference for years I finally searched for a hand scale and bought it right away. They’re so cheap, lightweight, durable, and useful – mine never leaves my suitcase. Plus your traveler will never be the annoying person who’s desperately trying to find someone with a scale. Even better is that it can do pounds, kilograms, ounces and grams. This is a must-have for any traveler and a perfect gift.

iPod Nano 6th Generation

I specifically love the 6th generation because it’s small and clips on strongly to your jacket, bag, or whatever. I only use this iPod for music and my Rick Steves podcasts. For example, thanks to those pod casts and this iPod nano, I was able to walk around several museums and do a bunch of cities tours on my own for free in Europe. The screen is big enough to read and small enough to stay out of my way. The battery life is long-lasting, too. Plus using this I don’t waste the battery on my phone all day! And since this is an older generation and no longer manufactured by Apple you can probably get it for pretty cheap.

Sleep Sack

I found this to be extremely important while hosteling my way through Europe. When you buy cheap you get cheap and you never know if your hostel sheets are going to be decent or not. With this you can build the bedding over it and know you’re at least sleeping in your own comfortable sheets. I found a much cheaper one on Amazon but Rick Steves stuff is definitely quality. I also like that these come with a pillow sack – definitely don’t want to share potential drool germs with the last sleeper in that bed! It folds up and is lightweight, so any traveler who stays in hostels should have it.

JOBY Mini Magnetic Tripod

I’m obsessed with my little tripod. I only have a little point and shoot camera right now but this makes it totally work for me. Not only can you bend it to your needs (that’s what she said), but it has a really strong magnetic field and I feel totally secure attaching it to the side of a metal pole in high winds while I try to get a decent picture of myself in front of something important. It comes in a longer one, too, but the small one is so lightweight and perfect. Just put the camera on a timer and smile! Easy for any traveler to toss in their bag.

Coffee Warmer

It’s very annoying when I’m sitting at my computer, really into it, go to take a sip of tea and it’s turned cold! I’d love to have this on my desk as I’m sure any traveler would, such as on the plane or train that has outlets.

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