2015’s Christmas List for the Travel Gal in Your Life

Every year as I get more and more immersed into the travel lifestyle I find more products that would be a perfect Christmas present, particularly for women. Here’s this year’s list for finding the perfect gift for your nomad, and last year’s list a well!

My Aroamas Solid Perfume

I can’t get my hands on them as they’re from Australia, but they seem AMAZING! A solid perfume that smells great and won’t get my bag full of perfume when it breaks? Hello! If I ever get my hands on these I’ve already picked out several scents I’d get. The Wanderlust Pack is currently on my Amazon wishlist 🙂

LugLife TaxiCab Tote

I found LugLife this year in Cedarburg, WI during its Winter Festival and instantly fell in love. I’ve been searching eeeeeverywhere for a travel tote for years and I finally found it! Check out my review and then go buy this for that lucky lady!

Lush Solid Shampoo

Ain’t nothing better than worry-free TSA while still maintaining quality bath products. Lush is a now famous company but it needs to be a bigger player in the travel community! The shampoo bars (and conditioner bars and soaps and everything else liquid-free) are sooo perfect for traveling! Not only that but they smell delicious and if you visit a Lush store you can get free samples as well. I’d recommend getting your travel gal a gift card as it’ll be hard to choose a scent on her behalf – and there’s a chance she already knows exactly what she wants from her Lush haul! The best part of Lush is that they are animal-testing free and most products are vegan and natural 🙂

Compass Necklace

How cute is this?! I’ve been dying over this all year… I might just actually go ahead and get it for myself. It’s just so darn cute! I can just imagine your travel gal squealing as she opens the package.


Tinggly is a unique and possibly the most perfect product for your travel gal (or guy). It’s not a thing – it’s an experience. For $125 you can buy a package for your traveler, which is kind of like a gift certificate. They then go on to www.tinggly.com and have two years to choose their experience, which is really handy since they don’t know where they’ll be in the next few months. Check out my ambassadorship with Tinggly for more information about this great product!

Swell Bottle

Last year, I suggested a coffee warmer as a present. This year, I discovered the Swell Bottle which solves that problem in a water-bottle sized stainless steel hot tea palace. This beautiful, beautiful invention keeps liquids hot for either 12 hours or cold for 24 hours. I can attest to this: the first night I got it I wanted to test it out, so I put in some scalding hot tea around 8PM. Two hours later it was still too hot to drink, so I took it to bed. When I woke up the next morning, it was STILL HOT. It’s also very easy to clean; just drop in a couple drops of soap, add water and shake! The only criticism is that it’s kind of wobbly – it needs some kind of rubber bottom or something like that.

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel

Talk about a great read, huh? I love stuff like this. I can just imagine sipping hot cocoa in front of a fire and flipping page by page and dreaming up my next trip.

World Market Gift Card

Imagine the perfect store for your travel gal to decorate her home and fill up her pantry with furniture, food, and more from all around the world, and you’ll get World Market. Once she peruses the website she’ll be hooked for life! From this amazing passport ornament to an entire category dedicated to Spain and Portugal, she’ll be using up the gift card in no time.

Fantastic Cities Coloring Book

Okay, so the adult coloring book phase is actually pretty awesome, and when I found out this amazing one covering cities all over the world I snatched it right up! The sketches in here are mind-boggling and I’m not sure if I’d ever have the patience to actually color it, so I’m excited to see how my artsy little cousin puts it to life. From Flinders Street Station in Melbourne to Jaipur, India, it’s pretty fantastic!

Simply Asia Seasoning Indian Butter Chicken

My mom gave me a few packets of these recently and they come out really well! If your girl is into cooking different ethnic foods, I highly recommend checking out the Simply Asia brand. She’ll be able to feed everyone amazing butter chicken! Just buy her a packet of naan bread to go along with it!

So that’s my list for this year! l always find it so interesting to try out all the different products to get creative in the way I travel and types of gifts that I’d find useful. What are some travel-related gifts that you would like to get this year? Please comment and give us some more great ideas 🙂”girls


6 thoughts on “2015’s Christmas List for the Travel Gal in Your Life

  1. Hi Samantha!
    It’s great too link up with fellow travel bloggers this way:)!
    Great Christmas gift ideas. Unfortunately, I won’t be getting any this year since I’m abroad (currently in Sri Lanka), where are you spending Christmas?
    Iris recently posted…Flip-flop music tunes to loveMy Profile

  2. World Mkt gifts card and solid parfumes and shampoo are such SMART IDEAS!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing these tips

  3. I really need to hop on this “solid bath products” train. I just had my perfume spill everywhere in my luggage (luckily I at least put it in a bag) so those solid perfumes are right up my alley right now! And I’m going to have to buy that coloring book for myself. I love it!
    Amanda | Chasing My Sunshine recently posted…Slow Travel in AustinMy Profile

      1. How does it leave your hair feeling afterwards? I’ve had some serious gross encounters with dry shampoo and that’s all I’m imagining. I’ll have to give it a try!

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