Darwin, Australia: Crocodylus Park and Territory Day

Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
We’re beginning the end of our trip spending our last week in Darwin. Even though it’s winter here it’s still about 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit with warm nights and hot sun. It’s a small town without much to see besides crocodile stuff and aboriginal heritage and traditional items.
We spent yesterday at Crocodylus Park, not to be confused with Crocosaurus Cove. The park contains at least 1,000 crocodiles of every size and shape. They took us on a feeding tour and showed us how crocodiles jump out of the water to catch their food. Let’s just say I wouldn’t want to be in the way when one of those jaws are trying to chomp down.
This place had some of the biggest crocodiles I’d ever seen – at least four meters long and just absolutely massive. I mean these things could easily eat a horse let alone a human.
About to jump up to catch the meat

Anybody for a trust fall?
Crocs everywhere!
They said there were 753 crocs alone in this large pond
For some reason there were at least 100 kites (hawks) in the sky above the park all week.

Later we went out for a wonderful meal of seafood and pasta by the beachfront and watched one of the most colorful sunsets I’d ever seen.

Tonight Darwin celebrated Territory Day, a self-governance day for the Northern Territory. On this one day out of the year Darwin residents are allowed to light any and all the crackers and fireworks they want, so all over the beach there were idiots lighting stuff on fire and throwing crackers at each other. We almost caught some in our face!

We watched the best firework show I’d ever seen – far outstripped any July 4th in the US – at Mindil Beach over the Timor Sea. It was in tune to music and seemed to encompass the entire night sky (with the occasional flying fox here and there of course).


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