Featured Blogger: Vivian from Miss Happy Feet

This week we’ve got a lovely new blogger, Vivian from Miss Happy Feet!

Hello, I am Vivian Lee. I am born and raised in Malaysia, moved to Russia at 18 (that was 5 years ago) and I have traveled extensively ever since. I document my adventures at http://www.misshappyfeet.blogspot.com. Other than that, I am also a 5th year medical student, magazine columnist and freelance writer. 

1. First of all, what are your website and social media links?

Blog link: http://www.misshappyfeet.blogspot.com

Twitter: @Vivianleewx

Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/whatyoulovewhereyoulove/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/littlemisshappyfeet/

2. How did you come up with your website name?

I love the little penguin in the “Happy Feet” movie, and because it is such a cute name (we Asians like cute stuff). It sounds so relevant to traveling too!

3. What more can you tell us about your blog? What are your goals or intentions for it?

For now, this blog is to document my adventures during my travels. It helps my family to keep tracks of my travels since I live in Russia and the rest of my family are back home in Malaysia. Another reason is simply because I love to write, and I think it is a good way to sharpen my English writing skills (practice makes perfect)! However, I have bigger goals for this blog. I want to use it to help my country get noticed. I think Malaysia is way too underrated as a South East Asia destination. Our neighbors (Thailand and Indonesia) are getting all the love so why not us, too?

4. Can you provide us with a Throw Back Thursday picture of one of your favorite travel memories with an explanation?


I was humbled by the opportunity to visit a Sami Village in Murmansk, Russia, where I made a wish at the Shaman Poles, fought with reindeers that wanted to chew on my phone, pet an arctic rabbit and interacted with a colour-changing polar fox. Also, I get to visit a husky park where I took a lot of selfies with those happy looking huskies! Their expression can be really dumb at times, which explains why they got so heavily featured on 9gag!

5. Which are your favorite and least favorite cities you’ve traveled to? Why?

My favorite city is Georgetown, Penang. Apart from it being my home state (I’ll admit that it’s a bias reason), it is also a world-class food paradise and I eat like a man. I love food, particularly the world-famous Penang street food back home!

My least favorite city has to be Athens (I am sorry, Greeks). No hurt feelings here, it is simply because I lost my camera here along with all precious photos. I actually did not experience much of Athens during my last visit. I arrived on a Saturday night and the shops were all closed on Sunday… I’ll give it a second chance in the near future.

6. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Where?

Chocolate-coated crickets and an apple worm… in Pismo beach, California!

7. Who are your travel idols?

Honestly speaking, I do not have a travel “idol”. However, I must say, Jodi from “Legal Nomads” inspires me a lot. I still remember commenting on one of her Instagram photos about how inspiring is the story of her quitting a stable 9-5 job to see the world and eventually came out with a brilliant food and travel business idea. I never expected a personal reply from her but that is exactly what I got: an encouragement from her to pursue my own dreams. I really appreciate this kind of interaction/ connection a blogger develops with his/her reader. So, I’ll say Jodi is my favorite (food and) travel writer.

8. What’s your best travel tip?

Don’t afraid to get off the beaten track! You’ll experience more and might stumble upon some really cool hidden gems!

9. Which is your favorite post you’ve written?

I love this one about Russia: http://www.misshappyfeet.blogspot.ru/2016/03/russia-10-best-kept-secret-destinations.html

10. What advice would you give to someone new to travel blogging?

I myself am a newbie so I understand the struggle. My advice would be, hang in there! There are a lot people in the industry who are willing to help us, so continue to produce good content, and start networking! Start asking questions in groups, Join in the discussion in forums, guest post, make friends!

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