Finally in Spain!

Fene, Galicia, Spain

Finally arrived in Spain today! The journey was very easy and I had almost no trouble. I had a few hours at the Dublin airport to walk around, too, which was nice.
Now I’m in my roommate’s house getting ready to go to sleep because I’m so exhausted! I’m falling asleep just typing this. His family is amazing and is letting me stay with them until we move into our apartment in Santiago.
I even had some time to Skype with my family back home. Saying goodbye was very hard, but I hope they can visit and this year will go by so fast anyway that next thing I know I will be on the flight home!
The drive from the Santiago de Compostela airport was so beautiful! All the houses had the orange clay roofs and the ocean view is amazing. I have a beautiful ocean view right from my window in their house!
I know this entry is short but I’m super tired from barely sleeping these past couple days so I’m out J
¡Buenas noche!

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