First couple of days

Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

It has been a busy couple of days! Yesterday my roommates and I went into Ferrol, which is the main downtown city near their hometown of Fene, to walk around and to get my phone. Ferrol and Fene are beautiful cities with typical European narrow streets, coffee shops, and stray animals. Yesterday we walked around the downtown, had some ice cream bars, and walked down to the port where all the boats were kept. There are some really beautiful views of the ocean (well it’s like an inlet of the ocean, if that makes sense – you’ll see in the pictures) from almost everywhere in these towns.

Capitol building of Ferrol

Attack of the pigeons!
The port of Ferrol
The port of Ferrol
Typical narrow street in Ferrol
Can’t escape…

Today we hiked in the Atlantic Forest. It takes about an hour to get to the bottom and the same to get back up if you’re fast enough. At the bottom there is some 13th century monastery and throughout the forest there are a few areas where molineros, or millers, milled grains for bread and collected water from the river below – but they are since long gone. The monastery was this sort of mini castle-looking thing that had an amazing view of the rest of the forest and even some saint’s robes inside but I didn’t catch the name.

Giant slug in the forest!
Creepy looking cell in the monastery
Beautiful monastery!
Hut of a molinero (miller)
Many burnt trees in the beginning of the forest
Area used by molineros

For dinner tonight my roommate’s grandmother cooked and brought over a traditional Spanish tortilla, or omelet, filled with potatoes and onions – so delicious and creamy! She also made fish empanadas and meat empanadas, which were also delicious. The food here is all so good – I feel so spoiled!

Spanish tortilla – pre-sliced
Empanadas con carne

And not only the food, but my roommate’s family and everyone else that I’ve met are so sweet and welcoming. Their first question is how my parents are doing with me gone J They’re the type of people who are always hugging and kissing and happy to see everyone and it’s just such a refresher from the busy American lifestyle. We sit around and chat for a good hour after each meal and I feel so comfortable with everyone. I have no problem just walking up to someone and chatting. Thankfully I brought a mini Spanish dictionary, which has been my most-used item so far – not only by me but by others when they try to explain something.

Anyway, I will say adios for now. It sounds like today we are just relaxing – I mean, it’s raining outside and I don’t think everybody is even awake yet.
¡Hasta luego!

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