La acción de gracias en Santiago!

Well, back home it’s Thanksgiving and my family is celebrating at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in Kentucky! Although I’m definitely sad I’m missing out on all the laughs and pies, I’m not going to let it get me down – I celebrated the evening with a night of Thanksgiving Tapas and mojitos with other Americans (North and South), ran into some friends and danced to Brazilian music in the basement of a bar, and then danced at a discoteca with my roommates <3

This year I’m thankful for:

  • The opportunity to live in a foreign country for a year
  • All the new friends I’ve made so far from all over the world
  • The trips I’ve been able to take
  • Getting to spend time with my family in Murcia, and next in London
  • Max being able to visit for Christmas
  • Clothes dryers

But how much I missed being there!

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