Why You Need the @LugLife TaxiCab tote for your travels

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You guys… I’ve found it. I have been looking for years for the ultimate boarding bag. I’ve tried backpacks and large purses but so far nothing’s been what I needed.About a month ago I visited Cedarburg, WI as they were having their winter festival, so there were a lot of sales in the little shops up and down Washington Ave, the main street in the town. Our first stop was into Joie on Main, a little gift shop where I knew I was going to blow money from the moment I stepped inside. I just loved little stores with knick-knacks like soaps, candles, and fun things like that. Up on the wall was my calling: the LugLife TaxiCab tote. Even the $75 price tag didn’t deter me – I knew what I wanted and if it helps me be more comfortable while traveling it’s worth it. Plus the entire store was 20% off, which is perfect. I got the grey one because I’m boring and I didn’t want it clashing with the rest of my non-matchy luggage, plus it won’t show any dirt either.  So I snagged it, ran back to my car to keep it safe, and waited the rest of the day so I could go home and start sticking in my travel necessities.


There’s so much that I love about this bag, so let’s start from outside to inside:

The handles. They’re thick and have a flexible rubbery-cushioning so there’s not much strain on the shoulders when carrying it. They’re not stiff, so you can flick them out of the way when you need to. They also feel really strong even when the bag is full.

The four large pockets on the outside. One side has three pockets while the back has one. They’re all large enough to store plenty of my junk, like my iPod, a pen, and dramamine. I really like the large open pocket in the front for quick things, and the large zippered pocket in the back for me to put my passport pocket book. I found myself really organized with this system on my recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, MEX.

The luggage strap. The beautiful, beautiful luggage strap which was the deal maker for my purchasing this bag. I hate it when my bag falls off the top of my suitcase, but there’s no need to worry with this guy around. Just slide it right on to your handles and go – there’s even velcro to keep it more secure. Perfection.



The flat, plastic-coated bottom which also helps the bag keep its shape. This bag isn’t flimsy, which helps me look for stuff inside. And the plastic bottom helps keep it clean with just a wipe or avoid liquids from getting inside the bag.

Let’s go to the inside…


Several zippered and non-zippered pockets on the inside, including a plastic-lined water bottle pocket. How awesome is that?!

Tons of space! Even with my outer pockets full of nonsense I still have plenty of room in here for my rolled-up memory foam neck pillow, eye mask, water bottle, snacks, and wallet/small purse.

This bag makes for a great gift for yourself or your favorite traveler. I can’t think of anything else to say except to order one right now!

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