Melbourne: Market and Hosier Lane

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Yesterday my sister and I ventured on our own into the city. We wanted to check out more of Queen Victoria Market and Hosier Lane and just walk around the city center for a little bit. We found Melbourne easy to navigate as it has several maps on street corners with detailed images. 
Queen Victoria Market was fantastic but had a lot of repeat stores. We weren’t looking for anything specific except some souvenirs, which we easily found as there were many shops that carried the same stuff. There were stalls for clothes, UGGs, jewelry, shoes, purses, hats, and just about every other necessary junk one might need. The food section held fresh fruits and vegetables with the vendors yelling their prices in near religious chants. The indoor market houses the meats and seafood, carrying every sort of fresh cut imaginable and some, including kangaroo meat. We held our noses as we walked through!

After pushing through the market we went to the food court with our eyes set on Verona, a breakfast place. Being brunch lovers, the thought of homestyle pancakes had us drooling! We each had ten mini pancakes slathered in fresh berries and fresh whipped cream. 
Mini pancakes with whipped cream and fresh berries… mmmmm

Outside the market

Our walk through the city took us down Bourke St. and Swanston St., full of shops and street performers. Being a weekday meant the sidewalks weren’t as packed. We popped in and out of the cheap jewelry stores and left with new necklaces that we really needed.

As we grew closer to the Yarra River, in the city center, we came upon St. Paul’s Cathedral. Unfortunately one cannot take pictures inside without paying and I felt too guilty to sneak some! It wasn’t too magnificent for me to be bothered, though. Across from the cathedral is Flinders Street station.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Flinders St. Station.

Keep heading across the Cathedral, away from the station, and you’ll come across Hosier Lane, a classic Melbourne alley covered in graffiti. We wanted to make a special stop here and I’m so glad we did! It’s such a cool area and wasn’t crowded. Sure, there were other tourists but they were sparse enough for them to stay out of our pictures. It seems a little sketchy but there were enough people for us to feel safe.

Hosier Lane

Before heading back we made sure to stop at Joy, a cupcake shop in Southgate station, across the river from Flinders. We bought a box of six and planned to split each on in half. Nom nom!

Flavors, clockwise starting from the top: Chocolate, Sticky Date, Banana, Toffee Apple, Strawberry Shortcake, and Baklava.

I’m so glad we finally got a chance to explore more of Melbourne. After two weeks here I’m feeling very satisfied with what I’ve seen of the city. Tomorrow we’re leaving to see the Great Ocean Road and we can’t wait!

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