My 2015 Travel Journalism Resolutions

These past few months I feel like I’ve really been neglecting my blog, which isn’t very helpful since I’d like to start using it as a source of income. In August I started a new job, which has me in front of a computer from 9-5:30 every week day – you can imagine that the last thing I want to do is stare at another screen at the end of the day! And as much as I love my featured blogger series, it just isn’t the basis for what I’d like my blog to be – about my love for travel.

So this year I am hoping to make the change and make my potential journalism career a priority. Here are my personal resolutions so I can look back on this year as a success with my blog and travel writing!

Finish my MatadorU writing course

I’m almost halfway finished with my MatadorU travel journalism course and am hoping to finish it before April, which is when I started it last year. I find myself going weeks without looking at it, which is terrible and something I would never do if it were a regular college course. I’m going to start treating it as such and making more of a commitment to it. The faster I get it done, the sooner I can focus on my blog and freelancing.

Get more into social media

I admit it; I don’t really care too much about social media. I’m not very creative at coming up with tweets and Facebook posts. It certainly doesn’t help that I’m not a nomad who travels for a living (at least not yet), but at the very minimum I’ve linked up my blog to Twitter, which is linked up to Facebook. This is all good and well, but I tend to ignore Pinterest and Google+ (as well as who knows what other social media sites). So, my goal with social media is to tweet more, create pins for my posts, and link up to Google+ and discover who is on there.

Understand SEO

My search engine results are just not high enough right now. I only have about 200 visitors per month to my blog at the moment, which is not good. In order to attract advertisers and begin making an income, I need to really focus more on search engine optimization and getting more traffic to my blog.

Organize my blog posts

I’ve begun an excel spreadsheet where I keep post ideas and plan when to publish them. I think it’ll really help me stay on track – I just need to look at it often enough!

Write more

I’m planning on spending weekend mornings writing and scheduling posts (gosh I love that I can schedule this stuff – what a pain if I weren’t able to!). I find that the more I write, the easier it becomes. Eventually it’ll just be spilling out of me. I also need to increase my freelance writing and search for companies and organizations to pitch to.

Read more travel blogs

I check Twitter all the time and am always favoriting and retweeting posts from other bloggers, but I rarely take much time to actually read the posts, which is so silly! If I just spend more time checking them out, it’ll really help me get some inspiration for future posts and articles, places to travel, and how to better maintain my blog.

Do you have any ideas that’ll help take my travel blog to success? If you’re a travel blogger, what did you find worked for you when you started out?

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