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Rome, Italy

This week is Semana Santa (Holy Week) in Spain, which means Spring Break, which means I finally get to fulfill a life-long dream and come to Rome 🙂 Since arriving here I have been in awe of everything, from the food to the monuments, and haven’t had one bad experience (knocks on wood). This is the first time I am traveling completely alone in a country where I don’t know the language nor have anybody that I know or to stay with. Although it is a little lonely, I actually love it because I have been able to do whatever I wanted all week long without having to worry about someone else’s schedule. The main bad part is eating alone in restaurant (although I found a Harry Potter app on my phone that has all the books, so I’ve been rereading them all week while eating pizza) and having to rely on strangers to take my pictures, and you can never tell before hand if someone is bright enough to handle that important task, so this has been a week of mainly selfies.

What I’ve noticed about Rome is how many people are homeless. It’s pretty ironic that the Pope gets to dress in gold, silk and diamonds while his people are sitting outside the city’s churches with cups in their hands, asking for money, and getting ignored by everyone. Clearly we know where the tourist money goes.

Anyway, on Sunday, I went to the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, for which I had pre-purchased tickets. If you ever go to these monuments, I highly recommend getting tickets before as I skipped an hour-long line (and skipped a probable 3-hour line at the Vatican museum the next day doing the same thing…). It was an amazing day – I love the rich political and religious history that Rome has, and the fact that these ruins are still standing (sort of) today is just unbelievable.

The Colosseum!
Inside the Colosseum

Insanely huge!


First sight in the Roman Forum, which used to be the center of the town back in the day. This is the temple of Antoninus and Faustina.

Temple of Vesta

Spot where Julius Caesar’s body was burned!

House of the Vestal Virgins

The entire Roman Forum from the ground

A giant stadium type ruin

The Forum the view of the Palatine

The Spanish Steps – so packed with people!

The Victor Emmanual monument

Was able to go to the top of the Victor Emmanuel monument – amazing view over the entire city! This is the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

View of St. Peter’s

Hey, Rome!

Crowd at Trevi Fountain

Got my Lizzie McGuire moment as I threw the coin in backwards – some girls actually started singing the This Is What Dreams Are Made Of song…
Some house right on the Tiber
Ended the night with a pizza and wine!

On Monday I visited the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica. The security jerks wouldn’t let us take pictures in the Sistine Chapel so I can’t show anything from that, but everything from touring around that day was so beautiful. Each room was so ornate and every little detail was carefully thought up and so well done and impressive. The Basilica itself was so huge – you could have easily fit a football field inside, not only lengthwise but vertically, too, in the dome.

Inside Vatican museum

The Hall of Maps – a suuuuuper long hallway lined with mosaic maps of ancient Italy and Europe, with the ceiling covered in golden portraits.

St. Peter’s Basilica

The Holy Door, which the Pope uses on special days.

Why do I always pose like that?

A list of every pope ever, from Peter to John Paul II, and their deaths.

Michaelangelo’s Pieta

Inside the Holy Door

John Paul II’s shrine

I think the top right window is the Pope’s bedroom


At the Victor Emmanuel monument


Cool pillar thing

More ruins!
  • Pre-book all your tours. You will thank yourself later when you see the 4-hour long lines. Be smart and plan ahead!
  • Definitely tour the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican Museum (ends with Sistine Chapel), and St. Peter’s Basilica. Best part, you can use your Rick Steves’ audio app for a free do-it-yourself tour in all these places!
  • GELATO GELATO GELATO. Near the Pantheon, if you face away from the main doors, there is an alley on your right leading straight ahead. Go down there and you should find a gelato restaurant with 150 flavors. Try not to go crazy.
  • Take the elevator to the top of the Victor Emmanuel monument. It’s not free but you have stunning views of the entire city with all the monuments.
  • Go when the weather is cooler, such as in March. This way you can wear a light jacket and keep a small purse on the inside. No pickpockets for the whole week I was there!

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