Travel Tip Tuesday: Rick Steves’ Audio Europe App

It’s a goal of mine to spread the word about any travel tip, and with Rick Steves being an idol of mine, I have to talk about his app, Rick Steves’ Audio Europe.

As my iPod touch is a first generation, its programming isn’t compatible with the actual application, but all the same audio tours are also available on podcast, so any iPod is compatible. Anyway, this app has information and audio tours of all the major cities, museums, historic landmarks that are famous to tourists, including the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, Louvre, and so much more. I used this app on my iPod nano, the kind that clips on to your belt/bag/what have you, and I walked around Vatican City, Paris, Florence, and more with a smile on my face because I was getting the best tour possible, and I didn’t have to bother with other people! And the best part is that this app and the podcasts are all free! Normally you have to pay for a tour but with this you can learn all about where you are on your own time!

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