Traveling Without Our Furry Friends: How To Prepare?

I love having guest posts and am excited to have Leila Dorari here today to discuss a topic that I feel gets overlooked on travel blogs: what to do when you leave your pets behind for a trip! Leila is a freelance writer from Sydney who is passionate about self-growth through travel, cheap deals and living better lives by exploring as much of what Earth has to offer as possible.

Most pet owners see their pets as members of their family. That’s why it’s never easy for them to leave their pets home as they go on a longer trip. As much as every pet owner would like for their pet to be with them on a trip, sometimes it’s just not possible, as some countries don’t allow animals to enter it or it’s just not safe enough there for the pet. So, it’s better to prepare well for the separation with your fluffy friend.

List of important information

Whoever you choose to take care of your pet, that person needs to have a list of important and useful information regarding the animal.

  • your vet’s contact information
  • the phone number where you can be reached
  • details of your departure and arrival
  • instructions on the pet medication and how and when to give it (if needed). This is really important if your pet has a chronic health condition. The caretaker should be familiar with how to help the animal properly.
  • usual time when you pet eats or is taken out for a walk
  • any special instructions regarding your home

Find your pet a place to stay

You need to carefully consider your options on who you want to take care of your pet while you’re away. Family and close friends are the obvious choices, but you need to make sure that that person understands the commitment. Your pet needs to be regularly fed, played with, maybe taken out for a walk twice a day. And is it ok if your pet breaks something? Will that person be able to take it to the vet in case of emergency? Let the person be aware of the obligations of having a pet before you give them yours.

On the other hand, there are kennels with professionals that actually know what to expect from animals. And you can be completely sure that your pet is under care 24/7. Of course, the trick is to ask around before you actually leave your pet with someone you (and your pet) don’t actually know. Many owners who entrusted kennels like cat boarding Perth with their beloved pets recommend fellow owners to try to get some reviews from those who already tried it, so they can feel comfortable and trust the professionals. Once you’ve chosen the suitable kennel, you should make sure that the employees are aware of your pet’s quirks.

Professional pet sitters are your third option, in case there aren’t any good kennels around. These people also know how to deal with animal’s needs, but the secret is to get credentials before you let a stranger visit your house for a couple of hours every day. If it’s possible, arrange a test visit so you can see how the potential pet sitter gets along with your pet and if they know what they’re doing.

Be in touch with your pet

Nowadays, it’s not hard to keep in touch even if you’re hundreds of miles away. So, make sure that you contact the person taking care of your pet once a day. That way you can check on them and help with any issues that may have occurred. Also, talk to your pet any chance you get – pets can recognize their owner’s voice and they will be glad to hear from you and to feel you’re close to them in a way. Skype or Facetime are the best options because your hairy friend can actually see you.

Use a pet tracker

It’s better to be safe than sorry! No matter how trustworthy the caretaker is, something unexpected can happen from time to time. Your pet can still manage to get away if for some reason it tries to. No need for you to get all panicky then – putting a high-quality GPS tracker on your pet will help you find it quickly and easily. And if nothing like that happens at all – at least you are spending your holiday carefree, knowing your pet is where it’s supposed to be.

All in all

Just remember – taking all of these steps before and during your trip will make everybody happy. If you plan the care of your pet carefully, you will be able to really enjoy your holiday and your pet will have a nice time even if you’re not there at the moment. Separation doesn’t have to always be a scary and stressful thing.

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