Un fin de semana en Fene y Carnaval!

Fene, Galicia, Spain
Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

This past weekend I went to my roommate’s house to visit them and to go out for Carnaval, which is like a week of Halloween-related activities with costumes and partying, but minus the candy. My roommate lives in Barrallobre, a small section of Fene, but we went out in the nearby town of Pontedeume. We spent 4 nights there as our university was closed on Monday and Tuesday for the Carnaval festival and I didn’t have to work either! I had a wonderful weekend and can’t wait to visit them again in May. 🙂

Héber & I, freezing in the cold while waiting for Gabriela! 

Everyone dressed up in costumes!

Turned around and my worst nightmare came true…

… until we went to take a picture with them. The red-haired one followed me all over the place but I couldn’t look at it!


A witch, a Grease girl, and a princess 🙂
Having fun with funky glasses at Héber’s family lunch 🙂

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