uTalk by EuroTalk: A Handy New Language App & Giveaway!

Hey guys! I’m a huge advocate for learning a second language. In high school I studied German for a couple years before turning to Spanish in college and becoming very… intermediate in that and living in Spain for a year. While living in Spain I bounced around Europe, of course, but missed out on Germany and lately I’ve been wanting to pick it up again. When I came across uTalk, I knew it would not only be a fun opportunity to review a new language learning app but a good way to pick up German again.


What is uTalk anyway?

First of all, uTalk is language learning app for your smart phone which now has 128 languages (!!!) to choose from – even languages I’ve never heard of such as Assamese, Dari, Javanese, Oromo, Sinhala and many, many more. Each language has starter words for free and then one can buy further into the program with 11 essential topics for $9.99 or 37 total topics for $15.99 – definitely worth it when you’re learning and can have so much information at your disposal! You can also search for words and phrases when you need them, all without using the internet – which is super useful when you’re about to pee your pants and can’t remember Wo sind die Toiletten? Or try searching by using your favorite emoji – that’ll work too!

Each topic of each language (directions, food, starter words, numbers, travel, leisure, sports, business, alphabet… and a ton more!) has a practice session and games to get through in order to progress in the language. They’re easy to understand and have both a male and female voice. When practicing they pair it along with pictures for the more visual learners like myself, and use those same pictures in the games to help your word association. It’s a really helpful and interactive experience, and almost like have a teacher right there helping you along.


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So how does one stay motivated?

Travel around the world with uTalk! If you make certain accomplishments, such as correctly answering 15 items in a row, you can unlock a new part of the world and watch your cute little airplane fly around (like getting to Cairo below)! I haven’t finished the full language yet but I’m excited to see what happens when I do!

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Okay, you’ve convinced me to give it a try! Where can I get uTalk?

If you had an iPhone or similar iDevice you can download it right on the app store here. OR you could be one of three lucky winners to get a code access to a full language!

I do highly recommend it – I’m still working little by little on my German but I feel like my recall is pretty good even with sporadic practicing!


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  1. Many thanks for the code for uTalk Swahili – great app, just need to book the holiday now! Oh yes, & get started on learning 😉

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